New Baltic cod to Ar!

On Thursday last week, Johanna Fröjd, project manager for ReCod, went on a 6-day expedition with SLU’s research vessel Svea to get new cod to the project.

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Baltic Sea Brief 38

The fisheries policy and its loopholes.
The crisis in the Baltic Sea fish stocks is one of the most serious environmental problems facing the sea. Cod has collapsed, herring has declined dramatically, and several other important stocks are under threat. How can we let this happen?

Baltic Sea Brief 37

Myths about the industrial fishing in the Baltic Sea
A lot is said about the fishing sector and the fish stocks development in the Baltic Sea, but what is true? Below, BalticWaters2030 tries to respond to common claims in the debate.

Baltic Sea Brief 35

A collapse of herring could threaten the Baltic Sea ecosystem
It is hard to overestimate the importance of herring for the Baltic Sea and for Sweden. Herring is perhaps one of the most important species for the Baltic Sea ecosystem.